🔥How to Whiten Teeth: Teeth Whitening and Brushing Made Easy

ਕਰਨ ਦੇ ਤਰੀਕੇ ਅਤੇ ਸ਼ੈਲੀ

Ever wondered how to whiten teeth at home? I have found a really effective method- by using teeth whitening toothpaste Colgate Visible White. It gives me one shade whiter teeth in just a week.
Watch the video to see how effective it was and learn other brushing tips.
Buy Colgate Visible White: www.amazon.in/stores/page/9AF742A3-AF0A-46E7-B058-58BD1A8C36CE?youtube=Simplymystyleunni

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    Hard tooth brush is not advised even to remove stains, Unni pls dont mislead your viewers. Using hard tooth brush regularly and wrong brushing method causes loss of enamel and leads to a condition called abrasion on teeth which later on leads to sensitivity. Use soft bristle tooth brush. the ideal method of brushing teeth is modified bass brushing technique. U guys can check it on PAlife. Hard tooth brush is not recommended to remove stains on teeth , stains can b internal or external. External stains are due to the stains from tea coffee wine or any other food items . If you have stains on teeth do consult a dentist and get it cleaned . I can see many comments saying i brush twice daily but still i have yellowish teeth. Wot i wanna say is twice or thrice u brush .. its all about how u brush , the correct brushing technique only helps you to remove all stains and debris from teeth surface. And using mouth washes, dont use mouth rinse till 30 mins after brushing.

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    I m a dentist...You have explained the mistakes in tooth brushing correctly...( lots of youtubers are doing misleading videos only for views)What you have done is a great thing 👍 Keep it up 🙂

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    Hi Unni I'm a dentist.Just wanted to tell you the amount of toothpaste you take should be less than a size of a peanut.. Never take this much of toothpaste.. Toothpaste is just an abrasive. It won't do any magic on your teeth.

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